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Viktor Ostrovský

Viktor Ostrovský, a 21-year-old representative in weightlifting, underwent laser surgery at our clinic at the beginning of 2017.
Viktor had problems with vision since he was 12 years old, and since he didn't want to wear glasses, he opted for the lenses. But they also restricted him in his sports performance, and that’s why he entrusted himself into the hands of doctor Ďurkovič.
Viktor recalls his experience like this: "The surgery proceeded without complications and I liked the fact that doctor commented on everything - what he was doing and how long individual acts will take. Before the surgery, I was very worried, but, logically, I trusted doctor Ďurkovič that hopefully I'd be able to see again. (laughter) As I woke up the next day, my vision was immediately nice and sharp and I was very happy. Without the pain, of course. I would like to thank the doctor for the excellent work and also to the entire iClinic team for making sure that I see sharply again."
Viktor has been focusing on weightlifting, an Olympic discipline, since 2007 and has been representing Slovakia since 2010. He participates in national and international competitions. Since 2009 he has been more than 10-times the weightlifting champion of the Slovak Republic and he considers one of his greatest achievements to be the 6th place in the junior European championships and 14th place in the junior world championships. At the last European Championships in Israel has occupied the 10th place in all categories - in clean and jerk, in snatch, and in combined disciplines.