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No more reading glasses - PRELEX method

it is based on the replacement of your own lens with the lost ability to accommodate for a new, artificial one

No more reading glasses - PRELEX method

The treatment method intended to removes presbyopia is based on the replacement of your own lens with the lost ability to accommodate for a new, artificial one. A multifocal lens that provides good short-, medium-, and long-distance vision is inserted in the patient’s eye.

The PRELEX method can remove nearsightedness and farsightedness.


Even faster, gentler and less invasive than PRELEX, using the new femto laser from the Swiss company Ziemer – FEMTO LDV Z8. It is ideal especially for patients who have a fear of sharp surgical instruments, which are replaced by Femto LDV Z8 femtosecond laser.

The main advantages of using FEMTO LDV Z8 in surgery:

  • Greater safety and precision
  • Gentle
  • A quicker return of vision
  • Faster post-operative healing
  • 3D mapping of the eye structure
  • Adaptation – tailor-made surgeries for each eye
  • Lower risk of postoperative complications
Types of intraocular lens
Artificial intraocular lenses are a long-term tested and used method to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia. The right kind of intraocular lens is chosen based on the patient's age, refractive error, expectations and the presence or absence of eye diseases.

The patient’s suitability for this method and the type of lens must always be considered by a specialized doctor.
Multifocal lens
Thanks to its special optics, it causes light rays to break into multiple focal points and thus provides a better short-, medium-, and long-distance vision.

Trifocal lens
Allows vision without glasses in all types of distances. This implant provides better vision in medium (work) distance.


  1. The eye is numbed using anaesthetic eye drops.
  2. Using a diamond knife, we make a ca. 2.2 mm long cut on the cornea.
  3. The old lens is crushed and sucked away using an ultrasound probe.
  4. We apply a new multifocal lens into the eye.
  5. After the procedure the wound self-closes, stitches are therefore not necessary.


  • the surgery is painless and takes place under local anaesthesia
  • permanent correction of a refractive error
  • surgery definitively removes the risk of developing cataract
  • good short-, medium-, and long-distance vision without glasses
  • fast recovery
  • we do the surgery on both eyes in the course of one week.


PRELEX method has the largest success rate in patients with hyperopia and presbyopia. A prerequisite for the surgery is the age over 45 years and a combination of a prescription for reading and long-distance vision.

However, the definitive patient suitability for the surgery is assessed by the doctor during a thorough examination and initial discussion with the patient. PRELEX method is not suitable for patients with increased activity in the dark and in dim light, and other aspects of the patient's life must also be considered, such as the workload or free time activities.


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