EVO ICL Lenses

Not a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery? With EVO ICL* phakic lenses, you can get rid of myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism up to 20 diopters. Painlessly and almost to zero. Even if you have a thin cornea. The phakic lens is an innovative, safe, and stable solution proven by studies and results.

* "Phakic" means that the natural lens of the eye remains in place after an artificial lens is implanted in the eye. "IOL" stands for intraocular lens, or lens inside the eye. The EVO ICL is a posterior chamber implant that is inserted through a tiny incision in the eye and placed behind the iris (the colored part of the eye) and in front of the natural lens to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism.

Who is EVO ICL suitable for:

  • Patients aged 21 to 60 with high myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism: EVO ICL lenses can correct a wide range of prescriptions, including those that are too high for laser surgery (up to -20);
  • Patients with thin corneas: EVO ICL lenses are a good option for patients who are not suitable candidates for laser eye surgery due to thin corneas;
  • Patients who want a permanent solution: EVO ICL lenses are implanted into the eye permanently, so they do not need to be removed and cleaned like contact lenses.
    • EVO ICL Lenses

Benefits of EVO ICL Phakic Lens:

  • High quality vision: EVO ICL lenses can correct a wide range of prescriptions, including high myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. This can give you sharp, clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses.
  • Permanent solution: EVO ICL lenses are permanently implanted in the eye, so you don't need to take them out and clean them like contact lenses. This gives you comfort and convenience in your daily life.
  • Reversibility: EVO ICL lenses can be removed from the eye if necessary. This is an important advantage over some laser vision correction methods.
  • Suitable for patients with thin corneas: EVO ICL lenses are a good option for patients who are not suitable candidates for laser surgery due to thin corneas.
  • Quick procedure: EVO ICL lens implantation is a quick and painless procedure that only takes about 2-4 minutes.
  • Fast recovery: Most patients recover within 24 hours of the procedure and can return to their normal activities.
  • Better protection of the eyes from UV radiation.
  • Reduced risk of dry eye syndrome compared to laser refractive procedures. 
  • Increased self-confidence: Improved vision with EVO ICL lenses can lead to increased self-confidence and overall quality of life.
  • Does not damage the cornea: with laser beams and preserves the anatomical structure and refractive power of the cornea unchanged.
  • The need for re-correction after application of EVO ICL lenses is less than 1%: with refractive laser surgeries, the need for re-correction is significantly higher.

  • 1 Comprehensive Preoperative Examination
  • 2 Administration of Eye Drops
  • 3 Creating an Opening for Lens Insertion
  • 4 Insertion and Placement of the Lens
  • 5 Patient's Return Home
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Before scheduling implantation of the EVO ICL toric lens, each patient undergoes a comprehensive preoperative examination. Based on this examination, the ophthalmologist will determine whether the EVO ICL lens is the most suitable option for the patient to eliminate their vision problem. The patient will also be informed about the procedure and what they can expect during and after the procedure.




iClinic Eye Clinic has extensive experience in intraocular lens implantation. In 2022 and 2023, our clinic was the top performer in Slovakia for EVO ICL lens implantation. We were even ranked third in Europe for the number of EVO ICL lenses implanted.

Who are not suitable for EVO ICL IOLs:

  • patients with glaucoma, cataracts or other eye diseases
  • patients with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
For patients with presbyopia, we recommend replacing their own natural lens with a new, artificial one. Using the advanced FEMTO Z-Prelex method, we implant an artificial trifocal lens into the patient's eye, which allows the patient to see clearly at all distances without glasses.


  Lenses Eye laser surgery


HD/ Z-Lasik)

No Touch
Suitable for patients with thin corneas
Use of excimer laser
Use of femtosecond laser
Removal of corneal surface
Use of 2 mm corneal incision
Creation of corneal flap
Disruption of corneal structures
Disruption of corneal nerve fibers
Pain during surgery No pain No pain No pain 3 - 4 days
Downtime no work absence no work absence no work absence 3 - 4 days
Vision stabilization immediate within a few hours within a few hours within a month
Risk of dry eye syndrome and inflammation no risk zero risk without risk with risk
Eliminates refractive errors from -1 to -20 diopters from -1 to -20 diopters from +5 to -10 diopters from +5 to -10 diopters
Eliminates astigmatism yes yes yes yes
Eliminates myopia, hyperopia yes yes yes no


PRICE from: 1995 / EYE
varies depending on astigmatism

Maxime Fortier

a forward of the iClinic Bratislava Capitals

a forward of the iClinic Bratislava Capitals hockey team, the participant of the Canadian Hockey Representation of the U17 and U20 World Championships, the player of the Canadian QMJHL league as well as the ECHL and AHL overseas leagues. During...

Oliver Ekman Larsson

captain of Swedish hockey team at IIHF World Championship 2019, defenseman and captain of the NHL Arizona Coyotes in the season 2018/2019

Our eye clinic iClinic visited captain of Swedish hockey team Oliver Ekman Larsson during the IIHF World Championship 2019. Oliver, the member of elite Swedish hockey team, visited our eye clinic because of acute eye problem which we cured him in a...

Jurij Medveděv

football back, ŠK Slovan (Slovakia)

One day an eye laser surgery, the next day again on a football lawn. This is exactly how looked like the two consecutive days in Jurij´s life. One day he visited our eye clinic and our Dr. Ďurkovič helped him to get rid of an eye refractive...

Vanda Kozáková, Dominika Drobná

Basketball representatives

Basketball representatives Vanda Kozáková and Dominika Drobná underwent laser eye surgery at our clinic with the most modern, painless Relex Smile 3D method. We thank the girls for their trust and we believe that they will...

Richard Pánik

Ice hockey player, Arizona Coyotes

Richard currently plays as a forward at the Arizona Coyotes club. He successfully underwent laser eye surgery with the most modern Relex Smile 3D method, which removed his myopia. We thank Richard for his trust and we wish him many sports...

Michal Valent

Hockey player for HK Nitra

Michal Valent is an excellent ice hockey player and also a participant in the final of 2016/2017 Tipsport Extraleague, where he played for HK Nitra against our Rams from Banská Bystrica. Michal successfully underwent refractive surgery...

Cléber Nascimento da Silva

Football player for Slovan Bratislava

"My eye defect was an obstacle in my sports performance. After the surgery, I play and see 100%. I would like to thank the whole iClinic team." Our patients also include Cléber from Brazil, who came to Slovakia in 2008 and...

Vladimír Országh

ice hockey coach for HC 05 iClinic Banská Bystrica

Vladimír Országh, the former Slovak ice hockey player, currently the head coach of HC 05 iClinic Banská Bystrica, has already undergone laser surgery.

Dieter Rudolf

enduro rider

Even one of the most successful Austrian motocross rider passed a painless surgery ReLEx Smile 3D at our clinic. We are pleased that he chose our clinic and we wish him a lot of sucess with a new eye from iClinic.

Juraj Jurík

hockey player for MsHK Žilina

Juraj Jurík, player for MsHK Žilina and participant of this year's semi-finals (2016/2017) in our highest hockey competition Tipsportliga, entrusted himself to the hands of our doctor Ivo Ďurkovič with confidence. Juraj underwent...

Peter Húževka

hockey player, MsHK Žilina Hockey Club

Peter currently wears jersey of MsHK Žilina HC, where he plays in the position of forward. He successfully passed the painless eye surgery of hypometropia by ReLEx SMILE surgery method at the iClinic (eye clinic). We thank him for his trust and...

Mathew Maione

Canadian ice hockey player

Canadian hockey player Mathew Maione has already gone through eye surgery :-) Canadian hockey player Mathew Maione, the third most productive player of Tipsport league and the fullback for HC´05 iClinic Banská Bystrica has joined the...

René Školiak

Ice hockey player

Slovak hockey legend, on historical tables being the second player with the greatest number of played league matches, he has also joined the athletes who have undergone eye surgery with us. Just like every hockey player who has undergone surgery...

Ferdinand Pollinger

Representative of Austria in weightlifting

We thank Mr Pollinger that he decided for iClinic and entrusted his eyesight to our experts. Mr Ferdinand Pollinger underwent laser eye surgery in March 2017, and right after the surgery he a smile on his face. During his career, he participated in...

Viktor Ostrovský

Representative of the SR in weightlifting

"The surgery proceeded without complications, and I liked the fact that doctor commented on everything - what he was doing and how long individual acts will take. Prior to the surgery I was very worried, but, logically, I trusted doctor...

Charly Egger


Well-known Austrian archer Charly Egger underwent laser eye surgery at iClinic. He has been focusing on archery since 1984. In 1987, he participated in his first competition with a crossbow. During his career, he participated in many tournaments,...

Kristína Kučová

Professional Slovak tennis player

She is young, talented, and thanks to hard work she worked her way to the hundred best in women's tennis. Kristína Kučová's current ranking in the WTA is 78. She underwent her laser eye surgery at our clinic. I was very scared...

Adriana Hrbánová

Finalist of Miss Universe 2016

I underwent eye surgery on 18 October 2016. I have to admit that I was afraid of the surgery, but afterwards, I realized that I was worried for ABSOLUTELY no reason.. The surgery itself lasted only a few minutes and it was completely painless. Two...

Michael Ty Wishart

defender of the NY Islanders NHL hockey club

Based on the excellent references I also came to iClinic to get a sharp vision. I do not regret it, and I thank the whole iClinic team for a new life without contact lenses and glasses.

Denisa Vyšňovská

Miss Universe 2015

Denise underwent the painless Relex Smile method. Miss Universe 2015, Denisa Vyšňovská, had a smile on her face in the operating room from the beginning to the end.

Marko Borároš

ice hockey goaltender for HC Nové Zámky

I would like to say thank you very much to doctor Ivo Ďurkovič for professional surgery on my eyes using the Z-LASIK method, which I inevitably needed to perform my work on the ice and beyond. The surgery was painless and without complications....

Robert Kovařík

Austrian racer

Hello iClinic team, for a long time I couldn’t gather the courage to undergo laser eye surgery. Due to good references and great services of iClinic, I finally found the courage to undergo it. And I am more than satisfied. Finally, I...

Ján Galamboš

Ice hockey coach MHC Martin

Ján Galamboš can finally get light on his MHC Martin wards from his coach's chair with a sharp eye and no glasses. He wore glasses practically from puberty. When he came to our clinic, he could see at 10%, but when he was...

Zdeno Cíger

Slovak hockey team trainer

Slovak hockey team trainer, Zdeno Cíger, visited our eye clinic and we did a complete eye examination, paid for by the health insurance company. We are looking forward to how we will fix his sight.

Eva Cifrová


I could see perfectly immediately after the procedure! I already noticed great improvement in my vision on the way from the clinic. It seemed unbelievable. I was able to read the license plates of cars, and at home, I could finally see the subtitles...

Jan Dlouhý

Hockey defender of MHC Martin

Hockey defender of MHC Martin, Jan Dlouhý, visited our clinic with his wife and son. "Thank you for the great care of my whole family, we’ll put ourselves in your hands at any time," said Jan Dlouhý.

Štefan Bláha

We thank Mr Bláha that he entrusted his vision to the hands of our experts at iClinic. Mr Bláha needs to have a vision of an eagle in his job. He is a long range rifle rider who won the 3rd place at the Czech Championships. We believe...

Mário Bližňák

Hockey striker, Slovan Bratislava

Ice hockey striker Bližňák after eye surgery. "I can finally see the goal post," said Mário Bližňák.

Vladimír Dravecký

Ice hockey winger, HC Oceláři Třinec

I could see perfectly immediately after the procedure! Today I can evaluate that it is an amazing change. During the match I can see the puck and the goal post perfectly, and I know that I can rely on my eyes completely. The surgery helped me in...

Michal Novák

Professional ice hockey defenceman, HK Nitra

A big THANK YOU once again!!! I can see perfectly.