Plastic surgery of the upper eyelids

Plastic surgery of the upper eyelids

With increased age, patients often have a problem with droopy eyelids. This is due to loss of elasticity of the skin on the eyelids. Among other factors, the emergence of droopy eyelids includes the lifestyle, heredity, allergies, kidney disease, and skin type. In addition to the aesthetic problems, droopy upper eyelids also caused a constricted field of vision, tired eyes, and headaches.

You can achieve youthful appearance and improved vision through cosmetic surgery of the eyelids. Blepharoplasty corrects hanging skin of the eyelids. In a short time, we reduce the excess skin, remove part of the relaxed muscle, and return your fresh appearance.

Plastic surgery of the upper eyelids


  1. the surgery is performed under local anaesthesia.
  2. We surgically remove excess skin from the upper eyelids, and correcting fat deposits as needed.
  3. We treat the wound and cover with a plaster and sterile cover.
  4. The patient goes home after the surgery, hospitalization is not required.

Cold compresses are applied to the eyes for the first 24-48 hours after the surgery, and the patient remains in resting mode. The eye cover is removed the next day, the wound after the surgery is treated, and if necessary, an eye patch that overlaps the wound is left on the eye for five days.  After this period, the patient has a checkup with the doctor and the stitches are removed. Only then the eyelids may come into contact with water.

swelling and bruising may appear for 2-3 weeks after the surgery. The eyes should not be exposed to direct sunlight for at least two months, otherwise there is a risk of the scars darkening. Physical exercise and sport activity is not recommended sooner than after two weeks, or according to the doctor. The result of the surgery is stabilized after 4-8 weeks, when the scar almost completely fades.


  • quick and professional way to remove overhanging eyelids
  • performed under local anaesthesia
  • improvement of vision, expanded field of vision
  • visible facial rejuvenation
  • the surgery is outpatient, the patient goes home after.

Plastic surgery of the upper eyelids


Plastic surgery of the upper eyelids is open to all who would welcome the rejuvenation of the face by several years. Droopy lids are mainly the problem of elderly people; however, plastic surgery is the solution for those who have hormonal disorders, inherited predispositions, or poor lifestyle. With blepharoplasty, we don’t change the eyelid configuration, only remove excess skin and possibly the fat bags.

Both women and men undergo blepharoplasty; in any case, its performance must be consulted with the doctor.


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