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Laser Eye Surgery: What are the risks?

Laser eye surgery can significantly increase the quality of your life. However, it is necessary to openly point out that each and every surgery, including laser eye surgery, entails certain risks. Nevertheless, it is definitely not a reason to spur the laser eye surgery because at iClinic we do everything to minimalize complications using the state-of-the-art lasers, hiring a team of leading experts and complying with safety standards. Patient’s safety and the quality of surgery are always the number one priority at out clinic.

Laser Eye Surgery: What are the risks?

How is it then possible that complications occur? The following article explains the main problems you may experience after undergoing the laser eye surgery, and it describes what we do to avoid complications.

Dry eye syndrome

The sensation of dry eye is a quite frequent postoperative phenomenon. It is definitely not a pleasant feeling, but you do not have to be afraid of this difficulty. Some doctors even consider dry eye syndrome to be a part of the recovery process. Dry eye syndrome will be healed simply by applying artificial tears.

Double vision

After the laser surgery, healing problems related to the change in vision may sometimes arise. The cornea and the brain need time to adopt to the new situation after the operation.

Fluctuating visual acuity

Patients’ visual acuity improves day by day after the laser eye surgery. Complications which may arise prolong the time of healing or cause fluctuating visual acuity. For sure, expect a certain fluctuation of visual acuity during the first days. Acuity usually stabilizes over the course of several weeks or months.

Reduced visual acuity at night

Patients describe this problem as difficulty in seeing the light in the dark environment. The phenomenon frequently occurs during an early postoperative stage and it improves rapidly in a majority of cases.


Patients encounter this problem only rarely. However, it is indeed of utmost importance to visit a doctor immediately after the eye becomes red and painful or after you stop seeing well. It may concern infection that must be diagnosed and cured in time. Neglecting the treatment of eye infection may have serious consequences.

Under correction or overcorrection

Every eye is unique and reacts to laser beams in a different way. Therefore, one eye might become slightly under-corrected and the other one slightly over-corrected after surgery. This deviation fades away in several weeks after the operation.

How can be the risks minimized?

Each and every patient is subject to thorough initial medical examination before undergoing the eye surgery at our clinic. During the examination, we decide whether the patient can undergo the laser operation and we determine what type of surgery will solve a problem. In general, the more modern a type of surgery method is applied, the lower risk of postoperative complications is. The most modern method of eye laser surgery – Relex Smile 3D – minimalizes the risk of the postoperative complications. Postoperative healing can also be affected by a team of experts who take care of the patient before, during and after the surgery. You can rely on the fact that at our clinic, you will meet only leading experts who will do everything to restore your vision without difficulties.
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