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A myopia laser surgery by the Relex Smile 3D technique

What is short-sightedness?

Short-sightedness, also called myopia, causes blurred distance vision. On the contrary, a person suffering from short-sightedness can usually see the objects close to them clearly and sharply. Almost one third of the population suffers from this visual impairment.

What causes it? In most cases, short-sightedness is inherited. It can also be caused by frequent reading at dim light or long hours spent working on the computer. Compared to a healthy eye, a short-sighted eye is longer. In the eye of a short-sighted patient, the image is focused in front of the retina which causes the objects in the distance to be perceived as blurred.

Short-sightedness can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. Uncorrected short-sightedness can cause problems with focusing your eyes, headaches or increased fatigue. An especially dangerous activity is driving without vision aids. Apart from correcting short-sightedness there is now another option – a laser eye surgery. Our experts can help you with the short-sightedness of up to -10 diopters by using the minimally invasive and revolutionary technique Relex Smile 3D.

A myopia laser surgery by the Relex Smile 3D technique

Getting rid of short-sightedness by using the newest Relex Smile 3D technique

Whether you were diagnosed with short-sightedness as a child or your vision started deteriorating later and you have been feeling for a while now that your glasses or contact lenses are uncomfortable or bothering you, this painless laser eye surgery is an ideal choice and it will help you say good-bye to short-sightedness forever.

The Relex Smile 3D technique shows the most stable results of all the laser surgery techniques. It is the very latest, 3rd generation, surgery technique which is completely painless and it does not involve cutting into your cornea. If the eye doctor concludes, based on a set of precise eye exams, that you are an ideal candidate for this eye surgery technique, the actual procedure will only take a few minutes and it will change your life by 180 degrees.

Relex Smile 3D does not use the excimer laser, only the state-of-the-art femtosecond laser that removes the diopter defect directly inside the cornea by creating a so-called lenticule. The next step is its non-invasive removal by an eye surgeon, thus removing also the diopters.

It is an ideal choice for elite athletes or people whose work requires them to have perfect vision. The recovery following the procedure is short – you can go back to work the next day and you can start your favorite sports activities one week after the surgery.

A myopia laser surgery by the Relex Smile 3D technique

We are offering you a fast way to your perfect vision: make a decision, make an appointment, visit us and entrust your vision to our eye experts. We are looking forward to seeing you.
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