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The world's fastest excimer laser ZEISS MEL 90 1050 Hz

Mel 90 1050 Hz is a modern excimer laser designed for modern refractive eye surgery. Its unique features are creating new opportunities for the safe diopter removal.
These are:
  • the triple A profile (Advanced Ablation Algorithm) - offers a high degree of precision in diopter removal thanks to the aspheric ablation profile with minimal removal of corneal tissue
  • the flexibility of the laser beam frequency - 250 and 500 Hz
  • the speed of removal of 1 diopter being 1.3 sec
  • perfect 1050 Hz eye-tracking system.

Mel 90 1050 Hz excellent precision, high level of comfort for the patient, safe eye-tracking.

Excimer laser MEL90
The latest and fastest excimer laser in the world only at iClinic.

Excimer laser MEL90 /1
Excimer laser MEL90 /2
Excimer laser MEL90 /2
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