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Soon a new clinic in Klagenfurt

We will soon open another iClinic in the picturesque city of Klagenfurt in the heart of the Austrian Alps.
This city offers us many advantages, it is surrounded by beautiful nature, a stone’s throw away from Slovenia, Italy, and Croatia, it has a long history and its own airport, important for tourism.
The city of Klagenfurt is located next to one of the warmest and largest Alpine Lakes in Europe. Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia is an annual destination for international prominent guests, water lovers and sun lovers.
Klagenfurt is proud to have one of Austria's most beautiful historical city centers in Austria, and it has been awarded the Europa Nostra diploma three times for that.

Soon a new clinic in Klagenfurt
It also has carefully maintained bicycle paths. Runners will enjoy perhaps the most beautiful route of the Klagenfurt half-marathon, lovers of literature can wander in the footsteps of the writers Robert Musil and Ingeborg Bachmann, where competition with the participation of renowned authors is held every year in June.
Minimundus – a world of miniatures on Wörthersee will enable you to travel around the world for a couple of hours. And big and little water enthusiasts will be enticed by an attractive lake (with the quality of drinking water!) for swimming. The city of Klagenfurt has been awarded the title of the City of Events, as one of the places where interesting events take place.

Soon a new clinic in Klagenfurt
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