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Our colleague Mia has just had her surgery recently. In a short interview, she explains why she has waited so long, how the surgery changed her life and what her experience was.

Why did you decide to undergo surgery?

MIA: I had been wearing glasses since I was a little girl. There were no lighter or thinner plastic lenses available then, so wearing glasses was a source of my daily misery. I had never perceived the glasses as a fashion accessory but rather as a necessary evil. After work and in my spare time, I would always take them off which caused a number of difficult situations for me because I had a prescription of -4.00 diopters. It would happen quite often that I wouldn’t recognise my family members or friends, I would get on the wrong bus, I would have to squint to focus on things, etc. There were no contacts available for me because of my eye defect, so finally about 12 years ago I went to a competitor eye clinic where they told me there was nothing to do, they couldn’t “laser my eyes”. I thought this was it; I had to make my peace with the glasses. The breakthrough came when I changed jobs and started working at iClinic. Doctor Ivo Ďurkovič, MPH knew right away that he would be able to “correct” my eyes. It all comes down to the technology used, and iClinic uses the best one. I was sure I wanted my eyesight improved, and so I didn’t hesitate. By this time, I knew all about the different methods and techniques available, and I chose the best one because I only wanted the best for my eyes.

So how was your experience?

MIA: I won’t lie, I was pretty nervous before the surgery, but thanks to the pleasant atmosphere at the clinic, I relaxed pretty quickly. This was an operation I wanted for so long! I was in the operating theatre for less than 15 minutes, and the procedure was painless. After the surgery, my eyes were sensitive to light for about 3 hours, and they tore and watered a bit but then… The sensitivity and watering disappeared, and I started reading the fine print and everything that was completely out of focus before I had the surgery. I felt incredible happiness, euphoria, and I think I still feel that to this day. 

What changed?

MIA: Lots of things. After about 32 years I perceive the world around me much more intensively, my husband and my daughter think I look prettier without glasses, and I feel younger. But the most important thing is the comfort. I don’t have to put on the glasses first thing in the morning, I don’t have to adjust them all the time, clean them. I can finally buy any sunglasses I want.

Would you recommend the surgery at iClinic to your friends?

MIA: Definitely yes, hands down! There’s nothing to fear, I regret not going to iClinic sooner. I could’ve been enjoying a glass-free life all these years.

Just like to Mia, we offer to all our patients absolute safety in the operating theatre where we utilise the latest laser technologies. Mia had the opportunity to observe and attend the purchase of our new lasers personally; she was given the opportunity to compare the tech specifications, so we were not surprised at her decision to go ahead with the surgery. To make the procedure as safe as possible, innovations in the newest technologies for refractive surgery are unavoidable. You can read about what is involved in running a safe clinic on our blog. Or you can come to our clinic and see for yourself.
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