Two-eye surgery for the price of one

Two-eye surgery for the price of one

In 2020, a challenging period began for the whole world. At iClinic, we want to show you that you are not alone in these difficult times. Laser eye surgery is now even more available to you than ever before. Concerning the financial impact of family budgets due to the coronavirus pandemic, iClinic has prepared an extraordinary promotion for selected laser surgeries, so you can fulfil the dream of perfect vision for yourself or your loved one. The surgeries under this promotion are carried out to the same high standard as other surgeries to which the current promotion does not apply.

Two-eye surgery for the price of one


Opt for two-eye surgery! Only now you will get it for the price of one-eye surgery. All you have to do is submit a non-binding contact form with a password. You can undergo the surgery of two eyes for the price of one eye until 31 December 2021. You can determine the date of the procedure yourself in agreement with our clinic.

The number of surgeries in this promotion is limited! It applies only to those who send us a non-binding contact form with a password no later than 31 August 2021.

Password for the „2 eyes for the price of 1“ promotion is:


„2 eyes for the price of 1“ promotion ends in:

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How to claim „2 eyes for the price of 1“ promotion surgery

  1. Fill out a non-binding contact form for painless eye surgery. Enter the password above in the "Message" text field.
  2. Submit the form... and that´s it! We will contact you in the next working days to arrange an appointment.

I want „2 eyes for the price of 1“ promotion surgery now

The promotion applies to 2-eye surgery using the methods below, with prices as follows:

  • ReLEx SMILE 3D for only EUR 950,-- / eye (removal of myopia and astigmatism)
  • Z-Lasik Premium for only EUR 850,-- / Auge (correction of myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism)
  • FEMTO Z-Prelex The operation procedure for only EUR 495,-- (for people over 40 years of age; implanting trifocal lenses will forever rid you of glasses and at the same time the risk of cataracts)

What surgical method is best for me?

Don't worry about choosing the right surgical method. During your visit to the iClinic, you will undergo a comprehensive eye examination and, based on the results, we will recommend the most suitable type of surgery. The "2 eyes for the price of 1" sale refers to surgical methods that can be used to eliminate the most common vision problems.

What is the final price for the operation?

The price for the operation will be as we declare above (ReLEx SMILE 3D: 650 € / eye; Z-Lasik Premium: 550 € / eye; FEMTO Z-Prelex: 995 € / eye). Prices include, in addition to the procedure itself, a comprehensive preoperative examination, postoperative check-ups and a lifetime warranty. The applicant pays for the surgery on the day of the procedure.

Does the discount from the price of the surgery affect its quality?

Absolutely not. The operations offered under this promotion at promotion prices are carried out to the same high standard as all other surgeries not covered by the rebates. With regard to the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we are preparing various discounts for our clients, thanks to which the fulfilment of your dream of perfect vision can be more accessible even in these difficult times.
Conditions for using the promotion:

  • The "2 eyes for the price of 1" promotion is valid only if you send a completely filled-in contact form with the required password.
  • Valid only for contact forms sent before 31 August 2021.
  • The "2 eyes for the price of 1" promotion applies to the original price list at
  • The promotion applies only to interested parties without an agreed date of surgery at the time of announcing this offer.
  • The condition for using the "2 eyes for the price of 1" promotion is undergoing eye surgery for both eyes (not just one eye).
  • The offer is not compatible with other discounts or special offers of the iClinic.